Clear, correct prose
retaining your voice and distilling your ideas
from a gentle, experienced editor
Claire is one of the most adept and committed editors I worked with. She is sharp in her perception, creative in her writing, and extremely fast to deliver. Claire manages to simplify the complicated: "heavy" scientific jargon suddenly makes sense to the laymen. More important, working with her is a learning experience: she goes out of her way to explain why corrections were made and does not limit herself to only correcting them. I wholeheartedly recommend Claire to any writing or editing assignment! Chen Sirkis, Expert in Medical Marketing Communication

Copy editing

A thorough check for clarity, consistency, correctness and conciseness. Changes to spelling, grammar and usage will be clearly marked, using your preferred software. I'll make tactful suggestions to improve unclear passages. If you provide a style guide, I will follow it assiduously.

Your copy edit will result in text that's elegant, cohesive and transparent. The errors will have gone and the writing will shine.

Send me a short sample, and I'll be happy to edit it gratis. A sample lets you see what I do and lets me provide an accurate estimate for editing the whole manuscript or article.


Letter by letter and word by word, a ClaireAllenEdits proofread will catch the mistakes that you can no longer see.

I can proofread in MS Word, on PDFs, or my favorite: old-school, on paper. Rush jobs are available and your deadline will always be respected.

Send me a short sample, and I'll be happy to proofread it gratis. A sample lets you see what I do and also lets me provide an accurate estimate for proofreading the whole manuscript or article.


I excel at finding the precise word, phrase or sentence to express what you need to say. All writers can get stuck: a re-write is the way forward.

Re-writes are especially useful to authors whose first language is not English (ELL or ESL).

But I can help you even if your first language is not language!

I prefer writing to real life: You can rewrite. A novel, for example, can be cleaned up, altered, trimmed, improved. Life, on the other hand, is one big messy rough draft. -Harlan Coben

Education and Experience

I hold a Professional Certificate in Editing from the University of Washington, as well as a bachelor's degree in philosophy.

I've edited all sorts of writing, for all sorts of publications:

Projects and Praise

Recent Projects:


Columns (University of Washington Alumni magazine)
Viewpoints (University of Washington diversity magazine)
Claire demonstrated quality work in all aspects of the copy editor's job: in doing primary reads, examining story structure and transitions, line editing, and style. Her understanding of the copy editor's role is solid. She also did her edits without hurting the writer's voice, and that is a rare skill. Jon Marmor, managing editor (online how-to magazine)
Northwest Public Health magazine


The Creek, Winner of the Author U Draft to Dream Book Contest, Kyle Lockhaven

It was an absolute pleasure working with Claire. She was prompt, professional, and her prices were reasonable. The best part about hiring her as an editor was the communication and feedback she gave me during the editing process. I believe that her work was a huge part of me winning my first writing contest. I'm extremely happy with my decision to hire Claire as my editor. Kyle Lockhaven

The Cardorian Complex John Baker

The 50/50 Tour Paula Mathews

Thanks Claire!! And even if you're not my first editor, you're my BEST editor!! I really appreciate all of your support and kind words. Paula Mathews, memoirist

Valero Society Jeff Vedvick

Mirror, Mirror: Confessions of a Celebrity Makeup Artist Trista Jordan

I LOVE the way you edit and YOU are the best! Trista Jordan, memoirist

Eden Chip Scott Cramer

What on Earth Susan Cope

What an eye-opening, clear-headed set of notes! Everything you've said resonates for me, and orients me in just the right way. Your understanding, both of the story and what needs re-working, makes you a superb help. Nothing you've said triggers my defenses--quite the opposite. Susan Cope, YA novelist

Flying Seven Continents Solo Harry Anderson

This Shining Piece of Earth Kevin Coulton


A World Without Us Kristin Little

Claire was instrumental in transforming my self-help memoir from an idea to clean and clear completed book. With Claire's work I can now confidently pursue self-publishing with an organized and professional manuscript. Kristin Little

If You Can Sell Software, You Can Sell Anything! Cass Holloway

Teaching Kittens Calculus John Mobley

Get Your Instrument, Get a Band, Make Money Jamie Ambler

Claire was quite simply the best. She picked up on things that others let slide, and that's exactly what I was looking for. Her edit was thorough yet gentle, with superb comments that didn't restrict themselves to grammar. She made me think about how I came across to readers overseas (I'm from the UK) and how I could rephrase things and be much clearer in my writing while allowing me to retain my tone. I can't recommend her highly enough. And did I mention she finished her edit well ahead of the agreed deadline? Superb job, Claire - thank you. Jamie Ambler

Academic Writing:

Grant applications, CVs, articles for publication in the sciences and social sciences

Thank you, thank you, Claire! You were fantastic to work with. Cannot thank you enough for the short turnaround time! Carrie Lanza, PhC, MSW

"Leadership, Power and Human Rights", "Cosmopolitan Monuments" Ricky Spruel, Gonzaga University

Thanks so much Claire. We have really appreciated your help and your patience. Jennifer Bloch Garcia, author, Wired for Reading

"I See Right Through You: The Logic and Consequences of Spurious Criminal Charges" Milena Ang and Yuna Blajer de la Garza, The University of Chicago

"We Planted All These Trees Decades Ago: Elder Activism Against Devaluing Women's Labor" Shuxuan Zhou, University of Washington

Thank you for everything, I like the additions. Please consider the document approved! Eric Vaughn, author of grant report to Department of Homeland Security/FEMA
I have used Claire's services to edit a PhD thesis. Having to be done by a fixed deadline, I valued Claire's ability to deliver her work perfectly on time. Her editing style is both thorough and gentle; she has a real talent for protecting your writing voice while nudging grammatical errors or punctuation faux-pas out of the way. She also gives you the reasons behind her changes which means that your writing will improve as you work with her. My next writing project will certainly include her. No hesitations. She is an absolute delight to work with! Marie-Peirre Hasne, author of "What is Access? A Philosophy of the Limit" PhD thesis

Promotional and Marketing Materials:

websites, brochures, blogs, email blasts, label copy

I create resumes for high-profile executives and professionals, and Claire's critical eye is integral to providing flawless, attention-grabbing documents. She is highly knowledgeable, extremely meticulous, reliable, and very kind. Eve Ruth, Executive Resume Writer, Compelling Resumes
Cascade Bicycle Club: email newsletter, brochures, event promotion

I needed an awesome editor and writer and if things continue in the direction they are currently going, I'll have a ton of work to send your way. Thank you so much. I can feel the fear of writing starting to subside:-) Timothy Blevins, webmaster, Rithmic Digital

Indix: webpages, white papers, blogs and promotional copy

Yes! Excellent! Thank you for this, the sentences you've crafted are exactly right. Justin Meredith, photographer/designer

CadenSee Medical Marketing: webpages, brochures, presentations, blog posts, writing and editing

Marchel Risk Consulting: webpages

Hunter Lewis: webpage teasers


editing service (real-time online editing for business and academic writers world-wide)

Thank you so much for all your work. I have been having great difficulty finding the words to write this. I've rewritten it close to ten times now. Your help is invaluable and I will be sending the next part, too.
I am super happy with your work and impressed with all the effort and love for detail that you've put into this job. It was a good decision to make you our preferred Wordy editor! :)
Fantastic work, Claire! I appreciate your thoughtful suggestions and thorough copy edits. Well done!


Just wanted to say thank you again. I re-read your edits and noticed all the little changes you made and comments you gave. Honestly, I find that you really have a gift for editing and also a will to make things sound better. The paper (and message) flows so much better now. In addition, I'm learning lots of new vocabulary and sentence structures thanks to you. Mariam Sambe, PhD candidate
Claire Allen